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The Hotel del Coronado

The Hotel del Coronado

1500 Orange Avenue

Coronado, California 92218

Written by Scott Messmore
The Hotel del Coronado is one of the world's best hotels and truly a beautiful work of Victorian architecture with its towering red roofs and white wood construction. During its 112-year history, the Hotel Del Coronado has seen the age of super-rich robber barons, two world wars, prohibition, the
Great Depression and more movie stars, politicians and royalty than you can count. England's Prince of Wales, Edward, visited the Hotel Del Coronado years before he abdicated the throne for Wallis Simpson. How many hotels in the United States can claim that every American President since Lyndon Johnson has visited? Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon chased after screen legend Marilyn Monroe in "Some Like It Hot" at the Hotel Del Coronado in 1958.

One of the Top 10 Resorts Worldwide

A walk on the beach might bring a wedding party taking pictures, little kids building sand castles or a fashion model shoot taking place. The Hotel Del is one of
Hotel del Coronado Babcock and Story-Bar
the best photographic backgrounds you'll ever see. The Hotel Del has a long list of awards and recognition for its service and accommodations: in 1999 USA Today named the Hotel Del one of the Top 10 Resorts in the World; it has received four diamonds from the Automobile Club of America and four stars from the Mobil Travel Guide. Today, the Hotel Del Coronado has just finished a $55 million renovation and restoration with new landscaping, restaurants and improvements to its historic Victorian rooms. With 675 rooms, 65,000 square feet of meeting areas, pools, a small shopping mall, a fitness center, tennis courts, five-star dining, marina, 100 years of history and a beautiful beach, the Hotel Del Coronado is a resort that offers something for everyone.

A Century of Service

The Hotel Del Coronado was built in 1888 by two businessmen, Elisha Babcock and Hampton Story on Coronado peninsula, across
the bay from the city of San Diego. The Hotel Del Coronado was designed to cater to the mega-rich of the late 19th century, people who had found their wealth in the booming industrial age of America. Many travelers arrived at "the Del" by train. The Hotel Del Coronado had its own rail spur that deposited visitors at its front door. The truly wealthy of the day owned their own luxury rail cars that were hitched to westward bound trains and traveled around the nation. The Hotel Del Coronado has been a prime destination spot for 112 years. When it first opened
Hotel del Coronado Crown Room
it had the miracle of electricity in every room, telephones and even elevators. Even the bathrooms were equipped with water under pressure.


The Hotel Del Coronado is located on Coronado Island, across the bay from the city of San Diego. The Hotel Del Coronado is only about 15 miles from the San Diego Airport.

Many couples get married at the Del and the hotel holds many special events each year. During the Christmas holidays, the Del is covered with 50,000 lights to mark the season.

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